About Atariya Foods Ltd

In the early 90s, our company believed the average fish quality available in London was not up to our standards so we decided to start a new business as a fishmonger focusing on fresh fish suitable for the preparation of sushi and sashimi dishes.

Soon after we have started our new business, we became London’s leading fishmonger and currently we supply London’s finest -including some Michelin starred- restaurants with fresh fish on a daily basis. Not only do we serve other restaurants, we ourselves have a small number of authentic Japanese sushi restaurants as well called Atariya in James Street, Swiss Cottage, Golders Green (Café Japan) and Ealing Common where fresh sushi and sashimi are daily prepared by our sushi chefs.

Atariya Foods Ltd is proud to now offer you a professional range of sushi machines and sushi accessories. Although it is often being said that the best sushi and sashimi come out of the skillful hands of an experienced sushi chef, it is not easy for every company to find the right staff or simply do not have the funds to afford a professionally trained sushi chef. We believe that in those cases a sushi machine Is a very good alternative: making perfectly shaped nigiri and maki sushi easily, quickly and hygienically.

Besides sushi machines, we are able to supply you with a range of sushi accessories from rice cookers to sushi knives. Last but not least, we are an experienced supplier offering a wide variety of fish, rice,soy sauce and other ingredients indispensable when preparing sushi.

Why A Sushi Machine?

1 Easy to use

Our sushi machines can be used by anyone: even after a few hours of training, they can be operated and cleaned by any of your employees.

2 High Speed

Even the fastest chefs cannot compete with the speed of our machines.
Whilst being fast, our machines are capable of making very consistent rice, nigiri and maki sushi.

3 Hygienic

Since there is less human contact, risks of cross contamination between different foods types are kept to a minimum .

4 Durable

Not only consist our machines of fewer parts which makes them less likely to break down, they are also easier to be repaired in case they do have any issues.

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